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At Akipeo we seek to leverage capital markets to enable the sustainable production of agricultural and other soft commodities in emerging markets. We work with public and private sector clients, investors and partners to develop and finance businesses and projects that profitably deliver environmental and social impact while enhancing food security and livelihoods.

We focus on agriculture and soft commodities as they are key sources of inclusive economic development in emerging markets.

These are also sectors that have extensive environmental footprints, where patterns of natural resource use and replenishment will have long lasting effects on the planet’s ability to support growing populations with accelerating consumption demands.

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The necessary transitions towards sustainable agriculture and soft commodity production require resource-efficient technologies and operating models, more inclusive supply chains, policy support, and financial capital.

These enabling factors are present to varying degrees in developing markets – but across the board there is a large gap between the amount and type of financial capital required to achieve sustainable development goals and what is currently available.

Our goal is to help bridge this gap by structuring financial mechanisms and investments that enable more investors to participate in these critical transitions towards more resilient, sustainable growth in developing economies.

Our Services Include:

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