At Akipeo we believe that the world can produce enough food for everyone while managing natural resources sustainably. Our mission is to channel capital towards businesses and projects that enhance the efficiency of food production in developing markets in ways that are socially inclusive, climate smart, and profitable. We believe that when these three elements are balanced, positive change can take hold for the long term.

Our name is a combination of two Swahili words: athari, which means effect, and kipepeo, which means butterfly.

The butterfly effect embodies our belief that small, focused interventions can have transformative impacts – over time and across geographies – transmitted and amplified by the ways in which people, places, markets and capital are connected.

Akipeo (originally named Impact Capitalyst) was founded with the conviction that public and private capital markets could be brought together more effectively to accelerate transitions towards the sustainable production of food and other soft commodities. We focus on developing markets, where natural resources face the greatest pressure in addressing food security, income generation and livelihoods – all while facing the urgency of adapting to climate change.

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A school of tuna fish in the ocean
Financial Mechanism Development Icon
Financial Mechanism Development

Structuring financial instruments and securities that incentivize positive social and environmental outcomes in support of balanced economic development and natural resource use.

Capital Markets Advisory Icon
Capital Markets Advisory

Developing capital markets strategies, tools, and research aimed at shifting soft commodity supply chains towards sustainable, climate smart production.

Portfolio Development Icon
Portfolio Development

Sourcing and developing investment ready opportunities in companies, projects and assets for funds and other investment vehicles focused on sustainable development in emerging markets.

Capital Raising Icon
Capital Raising

Advising on blended finance capital raises for emerging market companies and projects engaged in sustainable agriculture and related infrastructure.